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Team Leaders

 Markets and Competition: Sam Brauer

  • Samuel Brauer, Ph.D. is the founder of Nanotech Plus, LLC an alliance of consultants focused on the business of nanotechnology offering analysis and operational assistance in this burgeoning field to major corporations, small materials companies, venture and angel investors, and other financial institutions. Established in 2004, the firms projects have ranged from due diligence on a carbon nanotube firm to
    estimating markets for novel therapeutics. Based on our findings, corporations have been able to develop new research directions in energy, filtration, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Prior to Nanotech Plus, he was with the Business Communications Company for seven years, leading market research on a broad range of advanced materials topics including polymer nanocomposites, carbon nanotubes, advanced polymer composites, DNA micro arrays and in
    vitro toxicology.
  • He received his doctorate in bioinorganic chemistry involving chromium carcinogenesis from Dartmouth in 1990 and did postdoctoral work at UC Davis.
  • Email Address: SBR@ConsolidatedNanoTech.Com

Technological Matters: Herbert W. Cooper

  • Dr. Herbert W. Cooper has more than fifty years of experience working at the intersection of economics. technology and regulatory requirement. This includes the application and production of advanced materials such as carbon nanotubes, many due diligence assignments, and optimization of the economic performance of production facilities including their design and operational phases.
    Technological, environmental, health and safety, and regulatory constraints are incorporated into the optimizations to help assure that the facilities could be operated in the sustainable manner required in today's world. 
  • Additional information, including descriptions of typical projects and a list of clients is available at
  • Dr. Cooper received his Doctorate in Engineering Science (chemical engineering) from Columbia University, where he focused on thermodynamics and process design.
  • In addition to his industrial activities, until recently he had been the Chair of the American Institure of Chemical Engineers' Metro NY Section for many years.

Intellectual Property: David Kalow

  • David A. Kalow is an intellectual property (IP) lawyer with over 35 years experience in litigation, licensing, protection and
    assisting corporate deals relating to combinations of patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights, across a wide variety of
    science/technology/creative fields in physics, chemistry, biology, software and design, including nanotech, cleantech, bioinformatics, DNA synthesis, specialty and commodity chemicals, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, electronics and software.
  • A veteran of large and small law firms, including 16 years with his own boutique (Kalow & Springut), he is now a solo attorney focusing on IP Strategy, helping companies and investors improve their profits, revenue, value and ROI via better usage of all aspects of IP.
  • He is a graduate of the University of Chicago, College and Law, and is an author of many IP articles, a frequent lecturer including
    on IP ethics and issues, a former adjunct professor at Seton Hall Law School (biotechnology and the law) and a former adjunct professor at NYU-Poly (IP management).
  • As an attorney for Nanotech Implementation Team leaders Herbert Cooper and Sam Brauer, he assists with the mixed/combined business-technical-legal evaluation and analysis of opportunities and problems relating to nanotech and advanced
  • Email Address: DAK@ConsolidatedNanoTech.Com