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Our Niche

We focus on advanced non-commodity materials development in its early stages when challenges of scale-up, integration, and market focus are critical. The nano-engineered materials we have worked on include:



We have helped our clients with everything from product development to market expansion, including the acquisition or divestiture of both new and old technologies. Our services also cover due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, the development of short- and long-term strategies, and managing market perception of your company and its products.

Business Growth - Materials Development

Our Team Leaders

Markets and Competive Matters
Sam Brauer, Ph.D.
Background and Activities at                                                                                EMail Address:  SBR@ConsolidatedNanoTech.Com

Technological Matters
Herbert W. Cooper, Eng.Sc.D., FAIChE
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Intellectual Property Matters
David A. Kalow, J.D.
Lawyer for Consolidated Nanotech Inc.
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